Save 961: we must act to reconquer our country!

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By: Marie-Claude Helo Saade, PH.D (Founder of “Save 961” initiative)

We want a country we can be proud of!

We want a country with performing institutions at the service of all citizens.

We want an irreproachable Justice, independent of political power.

We want an Educational System up to the 21st century challenges.

We want road Infrastructure that follows economical growth of our country.

We want an electrical Network adapted to our society’s needs.

We want a qualitative Internet Network worthy of an evolved country.

We want a territory Development that respects our beautiful nature, our exceptional sites and our millenary History.

We want to drink pure water and breathe clean air.

We want leaders that make the Economy a national priority.

And BEFORE seeing the citizens overwhelmed by taxes, we want the public Finances to be put in order and sanitized.

We want political stability, the only guarantor of Trust restoration.

We want officials that are able to bring this much-expected renewal.

We want a State that respects its citizens and guarantee them a prosperous and worthy life.

And we mainly want sincere and courageous citizens that work for this wounded country, almost dying, but not yet vanished…


Enough of a disastrous Governance and generalized chaos,

Enough of clientelism and political predators,

Enough being a trash-country,

Enough being an enslaved people at our master’s goodwill,

Enough of a degrading and unworthy confessional rhetoric,

Enough of an Administration in full decomposition,

Enough watching our public Services transformed to a private ground,

Enough watching the Law only applied to the weakest and the most disadvantaged,

Enough watching our Society crumble with no assistance,

Enough watching our Youth ignored, bullied, pushed into despair and emigration,

Enough watching women’s rights constantly trampled,

Enough watching citizens’ rights confiscated mercilessly,

Enough of mid-Class reduction,

Enough being the hostage of a gangrenous System of Corruption,

Enough of the shameless looting of public money and national wealth,

Enough of a faltering Economy phagocytized by mafias,

Enough of Election laws tailor-made to their creators’ measures,

Enough of an incomplete Constitution,

Enough of a truncated Democracy with no credibility,

Enough of walking against the direction of History!

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to change this unbearable state of affairs.

We can’t wait anymore. We must ACT!

It is not enough to complain, we must work for the Change.

It is about time to get mobilized, to take in hand our destiny and our children’s ones, before it gets too late.

It is about time to recover our citizenship, to gain back our lost identity, to take initiative, to get organized, TO RECONQUER OUR COUNTRY!

*Save 961 is a call for the Lebanese all over the world to unite for real change in Lebanon. The Facebook page  “Save 961” was launched on January, 2015

Marie-Claude HELOU SAADE, PH.D

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